Large Size Hookah Bowls

Our collection of large hookah bowls. We offer different types of bowl to help enhance your smoke. Whether you are looking for a clay, aluminum or silicone hookah bowl, we have it! Each hookah bowl holds up to 25 grams of shisha and can help prolong your smoke sessions up to 2 hours. Our bowls work with any type of branded shisha.

Large Hookah Bowls (11)

Harmony Hookah Bowl

$33.99 CAD$34.95 CAD

Apple On Top Hookah Bowl – AOT Bowl

$52.95 CAD$64.99 CAD

Retro Harmony Bowl

$37.99 CAD

Alpaca Rook Bowl

$42.99 CAD

oBowl V2 Aluminum Hookah Bowl (MIC)

$75.00 CAD


$54.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

Alpaca Apache Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Red Clay Harmony Bowl

$24.99 CAD$44.99 CAD

Alpaca LeRook

$54.99 CAD