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Premium Hookah John Bowl Collection

Oxide Hookah is an authorized HJ hookah bowl retailer! We are happy to carry the entire American made HookahJohn Bowl collection here in Canada. Some popular shisha bowls made by Hookah John that you may have heard of are the HJ 80 feet 80 bowl, Hookah John Ferris bowl, Harmony Bowl & more. HJ hookah bowls are known for their high quality materials and superior functionality! We guarantee that you will love these hand made clay bowls. Improve your hookah sessions with the best HookahJohn Bowl accessories at Oxide Hookah.

Best Hookah John Bowl Selection

Some of the worlds most renowned hookah bowls are available for sale here. HJ is the creator of fine crafted clay hookah bowls that outperform the majority of shisha heads worldwide. Many have tried to to copy & duplicate these phunnel bowls but all have failed. Buy your new HJ shisha head here for the best & lowest prices.

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