Welcome to the Kaloud section of our online hookah shop. On this page you will be able to purchase all accessories and products by the company! This brand was behind the innovation of the Lotus hmd, the world's first hookah heat manager. The company was established in 2009 and is focused on creating luxury hookah pipes and accessories.

It's humble beginnings started over a decade ago when it released its revolutionary product, the Lotus hookah heat management system. The design and function of this innovative product was to enhance the users smoking experience by eliminating the use of tinfoil when packing a bowl while regulating the transfer of heat from coals to shisha without adding or removing charcoal throughout a smoking session. The Lotus 1 also ensured that the regulation of heat prevented shisha from burning and enhanced flavours resulting in pure and full bodied taste buds without harshness or scorching. The Lotus HMD was a complete hit and is still available today in multiple versions.

Today it continues to innovate within the hookah world by designing and manufacturing highly functional products out of premium raw materials. The company is considered to be a high-end luxury brand throughout the shisha industry. Since 2009, the organization has evolved and grown as an establishment and now has an entire lineup of products. This includes updated thermal management systems, bowls, hoses, tongs and even hookahs. Each pipe or apparatus is designed with precision and functions to provide enhanced smoking experiences.

Kaloud Products

The US based company focuses on producing multiple products in various categories. Below is a quick break-down of the companies pipeline.

Lotus - The heat controller line was the company's flagship item and premier into the industry. The heat management device helps regulate heat transfer from coals to tobacco.

Samsaris Vitria - This is the company's bowl line. The Vitria 1 was introduced initially as an all silicone bowl and has since then changed to a hybrid version using glass, aluminum and ceramics while still obtaining a silicone body. 

Aeolis - The company's hose line released in 2020. The hose is produced in 5 different variations and is designed out of stainless steel, solid wood and platinum cured silicone.

Vestara - The hookah tong line launched in 2020. The tongs are produced in 4 different finishes out of stainless steel and wood.

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