Phunnel Hookah Bowls

The Phunnel hookah bowl is the best way for hookah smokers to enjoy a smooth session. Similar to the vortex style, the bowl is designed to prevent juices from leaking into your stem and provide a flavor-rich experience alongside longer duration sessions. This particular style bowl, also known as the funnel, is made of high quality materials such as clay, silicone, glass and metal and is built to be very durable. The heads come in a variety of designs and color schemes so you can match it with your hookah.

How To Pack A Phunnel Hookah Bowl

The packing method for loading this style bowl is fairly straightforward. If you are using blonde leaf or dyed leaf tobacco such as Al-Fakher or Starbuzz, you want to ensure you insert the shisha tobacco in the grooves by fluffing it and making sure that its airy. If you are using dark leaf tobaccos such as Tangiers, ensure that you use the dense method so that the tobacco bakes evenly and prevents scorching.

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