Phunnel Bowl

Our collection of phunnel bowls for your smoke sessions. Phunnel hookah bowls are great for maximum performance & no air restriction. Each hookah bowl is designed to prevent flavour & juices from leaking into your hookah stem allowing full taste & prolonging your smoke sessions. Enjoy longer and cleaner sessions with these awesome new accessory from various leading hookah brands.

How To Pack A Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Packing a phunnel style bowl is fairly simple. Depending on the types of tobacco you are using, the methods are pretty straight forward. When packing a funnel bowl, you want to ensure that you sprinkle in your shisha tobacco or molasses into the groves of the bowl till about a millimetre under the rim. Based on what type of Tobacco you are using (Blonde Leaf or Dark Leaf) the pack methods of inserting your sheesha may vary due to heat resistance of your tobacco. Generally, blonde leaf brands (Al-fakher, Starbuzz, Azure, Trifecta) are packed lightly and loose so that heat is able to transfer through. Dark leaf tobacco brands (Tangiers, Nirvana, Azure Black, Trifecta Black) are commonly dense packed since they are more sensitive to heat.

Different Types of Hookah Bowls

Our collection comes in a variety of different styles. The most common hookah bowl types are made of clay. Clay phunnel heads are now the norm for shisha heads in this modern age where as traditionally, the Egyptian Clay bowl was the most commonly used narguile accessory. Other than the Clay bowl style we now have a range products in this category made of various materials. These are categorized under Metal Bowls, Clay Bowls, Silicone bowls & hybrid bowls. Not only does this style come in a range of different types of materials but they also come in different sizes to fit suite your smoking needs such as small bowls, large bowls, medium heads and so on. Whatever type of bowl your are looking for, we got it!

How Do You Make Hookah Smoke Thicker?

The answer is simple! Switch out your old clay bowl for a new shisha bowl. Funnel shisha bowls are a huge factor when you are looking to enhance your smoke for thicker volume. Phunnel hookah bowls preserve the juices of your shisha tobacco. The juices in your sheesha play a vital role in producing smoke. When inhaling, you are actually not combusting any of the tobacco but rather heating up the juices that are soaked by the tobacco. If these juices are leaking into your shisha stem, then the smoke will not be as thick as you want it to be since you end up losing that flavouring etc into your hookah. Phunnel hookah bowls will help prevent your juices from leaking into your stem or shaft, hence the result of thicker smoke! It's as simple as that. Grab a new Phunnel head for better and thicker smoke sessions.

Phunnel Hookah Bowl (20)

Harmony Hookah Bowl

$33.99 CAD$34.95 CAD

Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Phunnel Bowl

$49.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

80 Feet Bowl

$24.99 CAD$34.99 CAD

Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

$24.99 CAD$33.99 CAD

Retro Harmony Bowl

$37.99 CAD

Alpaca Rook Bowl

$42.99 CAD

oBowl V2 Aluminum Hookah Bowl (MIC)

$75.00 CAD


$54.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

Red Clay Harmony Bowl

$24.99 CAD$44.99 CAD