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Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

The manufacturing of activated coconut shell charcoal is a process using pressed shells of coconut and pastes made from natural substances. Due to the qualities of being derived from organic matter, they are deemed safer alternatives to fast-igniting coals. Being opposed to typical quick-light coals, lighting up coconut coal briquettes mandates the usage of a single coil burner or stove. Coconut charcoals outlive fast light coals and permit more extended sessions (45 minutes- 1.5 hours), comparably lengthier periods than quick igniting coals, which endure merely around up to 20 minutes. Upon selecting a brand, Titanium by HJ and CocoUrth labels are highly favoured prospects within the coconut charcoal types. Our organization harbours the most satisfactory coconut charcoal trademarks, specially curated to guarantee our customers get the best choices to meet their needs. 

Hookah Charcoal Derived From Coconut Shell

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When it comes to quality, CocoUrths are the route to go! Allow yourself to experience precise flavour from your shisha tobacco without the scent or smoke. Cocourth delivers long-lasting heat to improve and elongate your smoke sessions. You are no longer required to switch coals every 20 minutes. Pick up a box today! These are available in various sizes & shapes for your hookah needs. 

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Titaniums are "Fuego"! The Titanium label has been on the market since 2014 and is reputable for consistency and exceptional heat production! With Titanium, experience flavour at its most pleasing with mid-heat transfer to your shisha for the smoothest sessions! These are obtainable in 3 distinct sizes. Pick up a pack today.

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