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Premium Coconut Shell Charcoal For Better Sessions

Quality coconut charcoal are a vital factor for achieving the perfect hookah session. Regardless of which tobacco you choose to use for your sessions, one thing that needs to always be considered is the type of heat you are using to get your sessions going. At Oxide Hookah, we want to ensure that all Canadians who choose to smoke shisha are getting the best results, therefore we provide only the best of coconut charcoal for smoking. Natural coals are the best type of product to use to heat up your shisha sessions. They are made of organic materials and do not give off dangerous toxins or harsh scents when smoking. Check out our collection of the top hookah coals on the market.

Our Top Shisha Coal Brands

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Cocourth Coconut Coals

When it comes to quality CocoUrth's are the way to go! Experience true flavour with no scent or smell. Cocourth provides long lasting heat to enhance you elongate your smoke sessions. No need to change coals every 20 minutes, pick up a box today! Comes in Various sizes & shapes for your hookah needs.

Titanium Hookah Charcoal For Sale Online at Oxide Hookah

Titanium Coconut Coals

Titaniums Hookah coal are simply Fuego! Titanium coals have been on the market since 2014 and are well known for consistency and excellent heat management! With Titaniums, experience flavour at its best with mid-heat transfer to your shisha for the smoothest of hookah sessions! Available in 3 different sizes. Pick up a box today.


CocoUrth Hookah Coals - Cocourth Cube, Mini Cube, Large Cube and Quarter Circle Coals


CocoUrth is the latest and greatest brand on the market. Focusing on specifically enhancing your sessions with the finest cut natural and organic hookah coals, CocoUrth is a worthy product. Each coal is finely cut and compressed with natural matter so that you experience longevity and no-scorch sessions. CocoUrth has been in business since 2016 and has quickly taken multiple international markets by storm.

HookahJohn Products: Harmony Bowl, 80 Feet Bowl, Narbish Hose & More


HookahJohn Hookahs & Accessories Company has been around since 2009 and is a leading trademarked brand in the industry of hookah water pipe smoking. Best known for HJ bowls, the owner of the company has produced multiple accessories and products to enhance your shisha smoking experience. Titanium coals are a brand under the HJ trademark and have been a success since launch in 2014. 

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