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    Alpaca Mini Rook Hookah Bowl

    Want to save on shisha? The Alpaca Mini Rook Hookah Bowl is here to save the day! Mini Rook is a smaller version of the original Alpaca Rook Bowl. This small guy allows you to smoke long duration shisha sessions while using minimal amount of shisha tobacco. The Alpaca Mini Rook bowl comes in a couple of different beautiful glazes to choose from. If you are looking to pair up the Alpaca Rook Mini with a heat management system, we highly recommend the AOT Provost on foil to prolong your sessions. Pick up the Mini Rook hookah bowl here at Oxide Hookah today! Check out the rest of our Alpaca Hookah Bowls collection to discover more hookah bowl large sizes, medium sizes, beautiful glazes & more.

    What is A Rook?

    Rook is a game piece in the classical game of chess. The mini rook bowl is shaped to resemble the rook game piece. The inner spire of this Alpaca hookah bowl has four small cut-outs to imitate the crown of the rook. Not only is the design created to resemble the game piece but it also allows for more airflow to transfer throughout your hookah bowl while preventing any tin foil drag when inhaling.

    Mini Rook Bowl Dimensions

    • Height: 3.5 inches tall
    • Diameter: 2.5 inches wide
    • Volume: 8 grams -15 grams of shisha tobacco

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