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    HJ 80 Feet Bowl - Phunnel Bowl


    80ft Bowl Description

    Looking for something that doesn't use up your shisha supply? Look no further. From the creator of the Alien bowl, Harmony bowl, and the Ferris Bowl we introduce the HookahJohn 80 ft bowl. The 80 feet phunnel bowl is the perfect hookah bowl for those who want to save their shisha & for those who love to smoke short shisha sessions. This bowl will last you roughly 1 hour and only takes 15-18 grams of shisha tobacco based on your packing method! Smoking HJ 80 ft bowl will please you as it comes in a variety of different colours. Don't ask how it got its name;). Buy the 80 feet Hookah Bowl in a variation of colours and save on shisha today. Made of 100% quality USA clay.


    How tall is 80 feet you ask?

    Surely, 80 ft would be ridiculously large for a hookah phunnel bowl. It would take quite some time so climb up 80 feet high and pack an enormous amount of shisha. Don't worry the 80 feet phunnel is not that tall especially if it only carries so little tobacco and is a lot smaller when comparing the 80 feet bowl vs Harmony Bowl. Below are the measurements of the 80 feet mini phunnel bowl.


    80 Feet Hookah Bowl Measurements

    80 Feet Bowl Measurements


    3.5 Inches Tall


    2.5 Inches Wide


    15 Grams - 18 Grams 


    Also see the 2018 model : 80 ft 80 Phunnel Bowl  

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