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The hookah base is one of the most important parts of your pipe. It may just look like a glass hookah vase but in reality it does so much more. The bottom part of your shisha actually functions in many ways without looking like it does much. First and foremost, it acts as a hookah stand to carry your stem & accessories. Secondly it carries water and liquids to help filter and create smoke. Your base can also affect the quality of your smoke session depending on its size, style and diameter.  Lastly when its comes to looks and design, it's all about the base (pun intended). Whether you broke your glass and need a replacement base or just simply want to modify the look of your shisha pipe, we have you covered with a large selection of hookah bases and replacement bases for your shisha. Choose from a variety of small, medium,  large & jumbo bases that are made out of glass and acrylic. Square in size or black in colour, OxideHookah.com is your one stop shop for swapping out glass and modifying your pipe. View our collection of Egyptian bases and modern shisha bases below.

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