Shika Hookah V4.5 (2018-2019 Models)

Shika Hookah V4.5 Models

Shika hookahs are world renowned hookah pipes due to their build quality, functionality & stunning design. Each Shika hookah pipe is manufactured by hand by some of the worlds most skilled artisans in the heart of Cairo Egypt. Shika Hookahs feature hand-etched Arabian calligraphy & beautifully engraved imprints within the solid brass housing of the hookah stem.

Each stem alone takes about a weeks worth of labour to design and perfect for your pleasing. No fillers are utilized to design a Shika hookah stem which means each Shika is molded out of 100% brass metal. Many hookah enthusiasts gravitate towards Shika Hookah pipes due to their glorious wide draw and copper down stem resulting in pure and clean smoke throughout an individuals shisha session. With Shika hookahs being the leading Egyptian hookah brand over other traditional pipes, you'll never want to switch out to anything else. Our Shika Hookahs for sale are readily available to ship anywhere in Canada, USA & overseas. Pick up the latest Shika Hookah V4.5 model from Oxide Hookah today!

Whats Included With a Shika Hookah?

Each Shika Hookah V4.5 Model includes all of the necessary accessories to get started. Below are the contents included with each genuine Shika Hookah Pipe:

  • Shika Stem of Your Choice
  • Shika Hookah Bowl
  • Washable Shika Hookah Hose
  • Genuine Glass Hookah Base
  • Shika Branded Charcoal Tongs
  • Air Tight Sealing Grommets 
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