Large Hookahs

Large hookahs are great for relishing smoke sessions in the comfort of your home, surrounded by friends and family. We recommend taller pipes for those who enjoy smoke in a calmer and more relaxed setting. The sizes for large floor-standing hookahs start at 30 inches and up.

Benefits of Large Hookahs

Are there any benefits to pipes being taller? When smoking a big hookah pipe, it's important to note that the distance between the bowl and the base can impact how harsh or smooth your shisha sessions perform. The essence of heat being further away from the water in your smoking base will provide a smoother session and keep the temperature of your entire pipe at a normalized level, hence providing you with refined tobacco flavour and no harsh inhales.

What Is The Biggest Hookah Size?

The largest pipes that we are aware of that exist today stand at roughly 6 Feet tall. These pipes however are generally used for decor at lounges and cafes but can be smoked if you really wanted to. The most common sized pipes consider to be bigger are in the 40 inch range which can be used daily. 

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