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Welcome to our heat management device collection. Here you will be able to purchase and learn more about hookah HMDs. We carry a wide selection of these systems and apparatuses that will enhance your smoking experiences.

What is Hookah Heat Management

HMDs help you maintain shisha sessions properly without burning your shisha tobacco. When it comes to smoking shisha and actually enjoying your sessions, it is crucial that you limit the transfer of warmth from the ignited charcoal to the flavour in your bowl. One of the best accessories that you can add to your smoke set is a bowl thermal system otherwise known as a heat controller or system. These accessories allow you to properly manage and ventilate your bowl so that you avoid scorching or burning tobacco. One of the benefits of owning a device such as these is the capability of packing your head without the use of tinfoil. These bowl accessories are simple and efficient to use and are a great investment to enhance the flavour and smoke of your shisha. You'll also save money on aluminum foil in the long run.

Benefits of A Hookah HMD

The benefits of a heat manager are that the can significantly improve your smoking experience by prolonging the longevity of your sessions (up to 2 hours) while purifying the flavour of your shisha. Coals tend to last much longer when using a heat screen due to the fact that it restricts airflow to a certain extent. The part itself acts as a bowl cover preventing charcoal from burning and shrinking by slowing down the ash process. HMD's also prevent ash from contaminating the shisha in your bowl and will also keep coals in a sturdy and safe restricted space.

The Best Heat Manager & Controller For Your Hookah

At OxideHookah.com, we ensure that each product added to our catalog is high quality and is built to last. Our vast selection includes products from manufacturers who create the best shisha coal devices in the whole hookah world. Below are a few of the top brands for this warming gadget.

  • Kaloud® Inc
  • Oduman™
  • AOT®
  • Zidclouds

How To Use A Heat Management Device?

Using an HMD is quite simple. After packing your hookah bowl simply place the apparatus onto your bowl. After you have fully cooked your charcoal (Preferably Natural Coconut Charcoal) simply place them into the heating accessory. Add the lid or cover on once your charcoals are inserted. Allow the molasses to warm up for approximately 5 minutes. Your bowl should be ready to smoke once you have allowed enough warmth to transfer to your shisha tobacco.

Once you have your session going you can adjust your temperature by swivelling the lid on the manager allowing air flow to either cool down the bowl or restrict the airflow to keep your bowl warm.

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