Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Blue Stone Glaze
Hookah John Ferris Bowl
Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Blackberry White Glaze
Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Yellow Berry White Glaze
Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Stone Glaze
HookahJohn Ferris Bowl - Redeye Glaze
Ferris Bowl By Hookah John - Wet Ashes Glaze
Hookah John Ferris  Shisha Bowl - Golden Nugget Glaze
HookahJohn Ferris  Hookah Bowl - Sunburst Glaze
HJ Ferris Hookah Bowl - Blue Nut Glaze
HJ Ferris  Shisha Bowl - Nut Blue Glaze
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Hookah John Ferris Bowl
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Hookah John Ferris Bowl

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The man is back with another awesome creation to add to his HookahJohn hookah bowls lineup. Enter the Ferris hookah bowl. Specifically designed to fit like a glove on a kaloud lotus or whatever hmd you are using these days. The American clay bowl features an inner lip to allow a heat management device to sit over your shisha tobacco. This enables your coals to transfer heat and maintain proper airflow for a smoother and more tasty session. Long gone are the days of using aluminum foil with this awesome and cool shisha head. The HookahJohn Ferris is available in a a huge variety of glazes to fit and match the style and colour of your water pipe. Smoke like a pro and enjoy your sessions with the latest creation by the hookah man in California. For those of you also wondering if you could use tinfoil with this hookah bowl, the answer is yes! Simply pack your HJ Ferris Bowl to the higher lip and you should be set to go.

Ferris Clay Hookah Bowl Dimensions & Specifications 

This item is handcrafted by artisans in the USA using a superior white clay. The sizes of these hookah bowls may vary due to the nature of them being hand made.

Height 4.4 Inches Tall
Bowl Outer Diameter 3.4 Inches Wide
Bowl Inner Diameter 2.5 Inches Wide

Customer Reviews

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Sacha C.
Best hookah bowl

It keeps the tobacco so nice and smooth, it makes it hard to make the Shisha harsh. Once you known how to pack it, you can get 2 hour long sessions, 2 rounds of coals easily. I wanted this bowl for a while but didn't want to pay the price, trust me, stop dicking around and just bite the bullet. It's super worth it.