Alpaca Suri Bowl - Blue
Alpaca Suri Bowl - Brown & White
Alpaca Suri Bowl - Purple and Black
Alpaca Suri Bowl - Pink and Black
Alpaca Suri Bowl - Volcano Glaze
Alpaca Suri Hookah Bowl - Ice Volcano Glaze
Alpaca Suri Bowl - Superman Glaze

Alpaca Suri Bowl

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Product Type: Hookah Bowl
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Introducing the Alpaca Suri Bowl – Elevate Your Hookah Experience to New Heights!

If you're in search of a shisha head that stands up to the Alpaca Predator Bowl and Alpaca Symphony Bowl, the Alpaca Suri is your answer. This phunnel bowl innovation, absent of the center bridge, offers unrestricted airflow for the ultimate smoking experience.

What sets the Alpaca Suri Bowl apart?

  • Wide Gauge Spire: Experience a draw like no other with our uniquely crafted wide gauge spire. Say goodbye to pucker face sessions, as this bowl ensures a smooth, unrestricted airflow, allowing you to enjoy every puff to the fullest.

  • Exceptional Heat Retention: Our Alpaca Suri Bowl is built with a special clay blend, ensuring exceptional heat retention and durability. This means extended smoking sessions without compromising on flavor or quality.

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Embrace the subtle variations in size and color that make each Alpaca Suri Bowl one-of-a-kind. Its handmade nature adds to its charm, ensuring that your hookah setup is as unique as your smoking experience.

Discover the Alpaca Suri Bowl and revolutionize your hookah sessions. Unleash the power of unrestricted airflow, exceptional heat retention, and the artistry of handcrafted perfection. Elevate your smoking experience today!

Don't miss out – order your Alpaca Suri Bowl now and experience hookah enjoyment like never before."