Harmony Clay Hookah Bowl (HJ Retro Version)

$38.99 CAD
$38.99 CAD $42.95 CAD

The Harmony hookah bowl is now considered a staple item for any hookah smoker. HookahJohn created this bowl in his early stages of building his company and ever since, he has not looked back. The HJ harmony bowl carries just the right amount of shisha to help establish a session of up to 2 hours. Hand crafted in the USA in sunny California out of white clay gives shisha enthusiasts the appeal to own one of these as the material used is known to maintain and moderate heat evenly. The Harmony clay bowl has gone through multiple versions in the past including a red clay model, Trimony version and a wide gauge bowl. Heck it even has it own mini me model, the 80 feet bowl. With all that said the original is back in its true & RETRO form. Enjoy up to 20 grams of your favourite shisha flavour in this spectacular clay hookah bowl topper while avoiding burning and harshness. 

Retro Harmony Bowl By Hookah John

Retro versions always represent the original (aka OG) it was back in the day, and that is what this shisha bowl is all about. True to to its origins, the Retro Harmony bowl stays in its same shape, form and size. Here are some of the specs.

Height 4 Inches
Diameter 3 Inches
Volume 20 Grams
Country of Manufacturer United States Of America