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Looking to purchase the best modern hookah set online? We have you covered with the cheapest prices! Modern hookahs are the new trend within the shisha industry. The shisha nova of owning a simplistic design shisha pipe is in and we have you in clutch with the top names in the industry. Modern shisha pipes are considered to be luxurious hookahs designed to be simplistic, elegant & powerful. New technology has been integrated within a traditional industry to design the perfect pipes and boy do we love it! Most new style argiles are generally manufactured with simple materials and look beautiful in their surroundings. Our partners are some of the most reputable manufacturers that take the time & effort to release flawless pipes & accessories. Browse our catalog & buy your new shisha at the leading hookah shop in Canada.

The Best Modern Hookahs For Sale

The top water pipes online, it’s true! These nargile pipes are of Minimalist hookah designs to look beautiful while obtaining maximum performance. Our collection of water-pipes are manufactured out of various types of materials for today's simplistic standards. Most hukas nowadays have built-in diffusers to quiet down that bubbling sound when inhaling smoke to provide you with calmness for those long nights where you just want to chill & relax. Whether you are looking for a tabletop hookah or a traditional style pipe with that minimalistic & futuristic edge, your preference is within reach. You get to choose from multiple options whether its glass, acrylic, carbon fibre or even a square shaped hookah

Big Hookah Brands

Oxide carries the leading hookahs for sale! We are always updating our hookah bong catalog with big hookah brands such as Hoob, Oduman, AppleOnTop & more! All narguile supplies added to our catalog is individually tested by our product quality assurance team so that you get the best experience every single time. Check out our products and purchase at a low cost.

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