Magdy Zidan Stainless Classic Hookah
MZ Stainless Classic Hookah Stem Feast your eyes on the beautiful and shiny stainless classic by Magdy Zidan Hookahs! This beautiful hookah stem is simple, elegant and smokes like a charm! Cloud chaser? No worries, this hookah stem will make...
$109.99 CAD $54.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Temple Oxide Hookah Pipe
Khalil Mamoon Temple Oxide Hookah The Khalil Mamoon Temple Oxide hookah is another great hand-crafted shisha pipe for sale! This Khalil Mamoon hookah pipe is a 30 inch tall hookah & weighs in at about 12lb. The Khalil Mamoon temple oxide...
$189.95 CAD $164.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Antar Gold Hookah
Another great hookah built out of solid brass. The Khalil Mamoon Antar gold hookah is hand made by artisans who specifically focus on manufacturing Egyptian bongs. The arabian name translates to the strongman in english which is a sure thing...
$189.95 CAD $164.99 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Caesar's Crown Hookah
The Khalil Mamoon Caesars Crown hookah is an astonishing piece of craftsmanship! This is an all brass pipe that is hand-crafted in Cairo. The Caesar's Crown is 27 inches tall making it the perfect sized hookah for your home or...
$189.99 CAD $169.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Single Gold Hookah
The Khalil Mamoon Kamanja single gold hookah is a classic piece. If you didn't already know, the Arabic word Kamanja translates to violin in english which is basically the shape & design of the middle stem on this spectacular all...
$199.95 CAD $169.95 CAD
1001 Nights Arabian Hookah By Khalil Mamoon
You've watched the movie, read the books and probably even learned some moral lessons from the olden story. Now you have a hookah named after centuries old tale! Enter the Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Arabian Hookah. Designed in Egypt and...
$189.99 CAD $174.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Burj 1 Hose Hookah
The Khalil Mamoon Burj in another great hand-crafted shisha pipe for sale! This pipe is 27 inches tall & weighs in at about 12 lb. Mainly for personal use as it is considered to be a 1 hose hookah but you...
$189.95 CAD $179.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Kuwait Tower Silver Hookah (32 Inch)
A beautiful silver hookah designed by Khalil Mamoon. The Kuwait tower stands at 32 inches tall and is appealing in a sense that it looks gorgeous and creates thick smoke when enjoying a shisha session. This water pipe is manufactured in...
$199.95 CAD $179.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon Pharaohs General
Khalil Mamoon Pharaohs General 33" Hookah The Pharaohs general is a bold looking pipe with an elegant design. Etched with golden pharaoh engravings & topped off with an ice chiller the pipe is just demanding to be smoked. It truly is...
$249.99 CAD $189.95 CAD
Khalil Mamoon India Hookah
The Khalil Mamoon India hookah is 32 inches in height and is designed out of solid brass. Finished with arabesque hand etched engravings and a beautiful oxidized silver coating. This is a genuine Khalil Mamoon Egypt item. The Khalil Mamoon...
$199.95 CAD $189.95 CAD
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Shika Legend Electroplated V4.5 - Red
Shika Legend Hookah Introducing the 37" Shika Legend Hookah Pipe, Solid brass & electroplated in two amazing finishes of red & blue. This shisha pipe is one of the most astonishing pieces from the Shika V4.5 line. Looking for something...
$249.95 CAD $229.95 CAD
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