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Egyptian hookahs are the original standard and the foundation of todays hookah shisha industry. Without the traditional process of a centuries worth of Egyptian manufacturing, the hookah today wouldn't exist. Egyptian hookahs are traditionally hand designed and built out of brass by highly skilled individuals. Each Egyptian hookah pipe or hookah stem is put together and hand etched with beautiful designs. The process of manufacturing an Egyptian hookah is a timely process with hours & weeks of work put in to make these incredible shisha pipes available to the general public. The most common brands that are world renowned for their quality and beauty are Khalil Mamoon Hookah and shisha accessories and Shika Hookah Pipes. These two brands are always improving on their craftsmanship and creativity. The oldest brand of Egyptian water-pipes is Khalil Mamoon, who's had a centuries worth of history in creating hookahs and hookah accessories. Shika Hookahs have been around for roughly 5 years but have made a huge run at taking and improving on existing market by creating beautiful exotic masterpieces that function to perfection and look beautiful. View our collection of high quality Egyptian Hookah pipes for sale at Oxide Hookah.

Purchasing an Egyptian hookah for sale in Canada is now simple! Whether you want to buy a shisha in Toronto or Vancouver, from coast to coast we ship across Canada. Oxide Hookah inspects each and every Egyptian pipe to ensure that you get your hookah in the best condition possible. All of the hookahs we carry are genuine and authentic Egyptian water-pipes made by hand. Enjoy your new hookah by choosing Oxide Hookah for your Traditional Egyptian Hubbly Bubbly and smoke perfect sessions.

Egyptian Hookahs For Sale in Canada (13)

Magdy Zidan Stainless Classic

$69.99 CAD$109.99 CAD

Magdy Zidan Oxidized Trimetal

$79.99 CAD$129.99 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Strongman (Gold)

$154.95 CAD$189.95 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Temple Oxide Hookah Pipe

$164.95 CAD$189.95 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Lotus Ice Hookah (Gold)

$164.95 CAD$249.99 CAD

Shika Vaza

$174.99 CAD

Shika Sorya Mini Beast V4.5

$199.99 CAD

Shika Genie V4.5

$259.95 CAD$279.95 CAD