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    How To Light Natural Hookah Charcoals

    We often get asked on how to light natural charcoals so today we are going to discuss just that! First of all you are going to need a few things to get your charcoals ready and going. Below are the requirements.


    • Natural Hookah Charcoals
    • Single Electric Coil Burner
    • Ventilated area (Preferably outside or near an open window)


    Now that we are prepared lets start off by plugging your single coil burner to an electric outlet. We want to make sure you are in an area that is ventilated so that your house doesn't stink up & you prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Although natural coconut charcoals are a better alternative they still give off a slight fume & C02. Set the coil burner to HIGH. Now add 2-4 pieces of charcoal to the coil burner ensuring they are evenly standing on the coils. We want to ensure that our charcoals are lit properly at the same time. Once you have done this all you have to do is simply wait till the charcoal is completely light. You may flip your charcoal once it is half way cooked to speed the process of things. Bake time usually takes up to 12 minutes for a properly lit charcoal.


    How Do I Know If My Charcoals Are Completely Lit? 
    To make sure that your charcoal is completely lit you want to ensure your charcoal has a layer of ash and that its glowing red. You want to ensure that your charcoal has no signs of the original black colour to ensure a safe smoke. If your charcoals still have a bit of black remaining just throw them on a little longer to prevent any harsh tastes or consuming C02.


    How Do I Place My Coals on My Hookah?
    Your coals are ready so now just simply use your tongs, grab your charcoals & place them on your hookah bowl. 


    Things To Know
    • If your charcoals are lit do not leave them longer than necessary to cook. Turn off your coil burner if you need an extra few minutes to prepare your hookah so your coals don't shrink quicker.
    • Disposing your charcoals properly after use is very important. Place your charcoals in water for 2 minutes before disposing them in the garbage. These things took a while to heat up so you want to ensure are they completely cooled down before throwing out.
    • Keep your charcoals in a regular temperature area so that there are no problems lighting them up.


    Charcoal Recommendations:
    We currently carry the best of brands for natural hookah charcoal. Two brands we suggest are Titanium Hookah Charcoal by HookahJohn or Cocourth Natural Charcoal.








    Why Your Hookah Hose Matters

    Its commonly brushed off when those are encouraged to make an upgrade for their hookah, when little do they know that these upgrades make a huge difference. In saying "difference" I am not just talking about quality of your sessions but also the health factor that is commonly forgotten. Sure, we know smoking isn't healthy but why make it even more unhealthy when you can save yourself from unnecessary harm. Today we are going to discuss why it is important to upgrade your hookah hose after a certain amount of use.
    In most cases when you purchase a hookah it comes with a standard hose. Take for instance the Khalil Mamoon brand where you receive a non washable hose to use for your day to day sessions. For starters this hose is great but after a while you'll start to notice a difference in your sessions and these "differences" aren't for the better. You may discover for yourself these unpleasant experiences but we are going to go deeper into what happens with your standard hose after use. 
    Your traditional hookah is commonly manufactured in Egypt or Turkey where hookah is basically part of the culture. You'll notice there isn't a variety of flavours for hookah sessions in these regions & for the most part they use the same hose for a certain flavour. Acknowledging the fact that hookah is commonly used on a daily basis we now understand its fairly easy to run to the supermarket nearby and grab a new hookah hose for a low cost when required. We can also say that since these hoses are being used for commonly one flavour, we acknowledge the fact that these hoses aren't being rinsed and are probably going to be thrown out after a certain amount of use. There is a reason for that.
    Your standard hookah hose is mainly manufactured with two types of materials for the hose itself. Coil is placed into fabric and mouth tips are added on for your pleasing so that you may inhale that satisfying flavoured smoke. Remember, we mentioned that coil is being used when manufactured. When your constantly using a hose over a period of time, the coil tends to break down from the smoke itself and if you happen to rinse your hose your doing worse damage. You are now at risk of inhaling metal particles. It is found that those you do not change or upgrade their standard hookah hose will eventually start to notice particles when smoking. This is where we come to our conclusion that upgrading your hose is simply a necessary step to take care of your hookah and your health. 
    Today theres a new type of hose that smokers are using and its for the better part of maintaining a pleasant hookah session & saving yourself from inhaling metal particles. Silicone is essentially the new standard.....specifically medical grade hoses. With silicone you are able to use your hose for many different types of branded shisha & flavours. Just simply rinse your silicone hose out with water and voila' your good to go. You now know that your hose is clean and you are not inhaling anything your system is going to reject. You will also realize how pleasant your sessions are and how you can actually taste the flavour that you are smoking! We highly recommend maintaining your hookah hose and switching out over a period of time just to keep things running smoothly.
    We tend to have what you need on our site & being the high standard of a hookah vendor, we acknowledge how important your health is & how you want those sessions to always be flavourful & smooth. You can find our collection of hoses in the link below. We hope this blog post helps you understand on why your hookah hose matter!


    Upgrade your Hookah Hose

    Hookah Setup Tutorial

    So you bought a brand new hookah & its your first time setting one up! If your new to the process you are probably asking yourself how to start this thing up. Setting up a hookah is much simpler than you think. We are going to give you a step by step guide on how to go about assembling your hookah correctly for a premium session. Follow the steps below to properly set up your pipe!

    Step 1– Pack Your Bowl

    Your bowl is the most vital part of your hookah. Properly packing your bowl will determine the outcome of your session. Depending on which bowl you have purchased, packing methods may vary but today we are going to discuss the universal method in order to reach the optimal session. 

    Whether you are using tobacco or herbal molasses the universal method of packing your bowl is by simply sprinkling your shisha into your bowl so that it reaches the rim. You want to ensure that your shisha is not packed down for this method so that you allow airflow for your heat to circulate within the bowl to allow a proper bake. Also you want to make sure that the shisha does not clog the interior opening of your bowl so that when you inhale there is proper airflow. Clogging the holes within the bowl will restrict your airflow and make your sessions less pleasing.

    Now that you have your bowl packed you may add your tinfoil. Ensure that your tinfoil is sealed tightly around the edges so that your final result is a drum like surface. For best results use Heavy Duty foil as it tends to be thicker than the standard and maintains heat so that you don't scorch your session.

    Now the fun part begins! Grab a tooth pick & start poking holes in your foil. This will allow the heat from your charcoal to transfer to your shisha for smoke production. You want just enough holes poked in your foil (Not to many but not to little) so that your heat is evenly distributed & not over heating your shisha. Once you've completed packing your bowl your ready for step 2.


    Step 2 – Prepare you Hookah Stem

    Your hookah stem is what carries the bowl, tray and hose. In this step we are going to ensure your stem is prepared to assemble with the various parts associated with your setup. 

    -Attach your base grommet: With your complete setup you will notice a rubber gasket that is larger than the various gaskets for your pipe. This is your base grommet/ gasket which allows you to attach your stem to your glass hookah base. This part is vital since it  attaches to your base and seals the hookah together allowing air restriction for you to properly inhale your smoke. Simply take this grommet piece up from the bottom of the stem and ensure it attaches to the chamber of the stem. The chamber of the stem is what sits on your glass base. 

    -Attach your bowl Grommet: The bowl grommet is what seals your bowl to your stem. Simply attach your bowl grommet to the top of your stem. This gasket is generally larger then your hose port gasket. 

    -Attach Your Hose Grommet: Simply insert the final gasket that is included with your hookah setup into your hose port. This will seal your hose so that there are no air leaks. 

     -Check your purge port: Your purge port will be on the opposite side of the hose port. This piece screws apart and inserted is a ball bearing. Ensure this ball bearing is inserted as this allows restriction for you to inhale with your hose.


    Step 3 – Fill Your base 

    Filling your base properly is fairly simple. Run your base under cool tap water. To properly measure your water level, grab your stem and insert into your base. Your water level should be just about an inch over the bottom opening of your stem. This will give the proper amount of air space in your glass base so that your session stays enjoyable.


    Step 4 – Assemble

    Now that we have your bowl ready, your stem rubbered up & your glass base filled with water, its time to put the pieces together.

    -Insert your stem into your glass base: Make sure your stem is tightly sealed into your base. 

    -Add tray to your stem: Simply place your tray over the bowl port so that it sits on the tray mount.

    -Attach your bowl: Add your bowl to the bowl port where we added the bowl gasket. Your gasket should ensure that your bowl does not wobble and that there are no air leaks. Make sure your bowl is properly mounted.

    -Attach your hose: Attach your hose to the hose port. The hose gasket should ensure that the hose is firmly inserted and does not allow air leaks. 


    Step 5 – Light Your Charcoal & Smoke

    Now for the final & fun part. Light your charcoal and add on top of your bowl. Allow a few minutes for your bowl to heat up before you smoke. Enjoy!


    We hope this tutorial will help you set up your hookah properly! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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    Top 5 Hookah Products of 2016

    The year is now coming towards an end & an exciting New Year is just a few days away! As we get ready to change our regimens & make promises to ourselves that will be eventually broken (I promise to eat healthy this year), we wanted to take the time and reflect on how amazing 2016 was for the hookah industry especially here in Canada! We've taken the time to look over some of the top 5 hookah products of 2016 & have made a list below. Check out the list & make sure to write your thoughts in the comment section below!


    1- Oduman Ignis Heat Management Device

    Oduman Ignis Heat Management Device Canada
    With the arrival of the Oduman Ignis to North America, the game has changed for heat management devices. Previously, heat managers were a little restricted in space for adding more than two cubed charcoals & most of the time charcoal blacked out due to the lack of airflow underneath. The Oduman Ignis fixed these flaws by allowing up to 3 cubed charcoals & also allowing airflow underneath the charcoal by featuring lift carriers at the base of the device. These additional features helped warm up your session a lot quicker & managed heat more efficiently!                                    

    2- Regal Hookah Stem

    Regal Hookahs have now been out for a couple of years now but in 2016 a couple of improvements were made to the Regal line. We saw the manufacturer improve the down-stem of the hookah by producing with Aerospace grade aluminum which does not rust over a period time of use. Also we saw a huge overhaul in manufacturing materials to the quality of wood being used for these beautiful stems. Regals are the higher end of the hookah chain & are limited in production. For Canadians, this was the first year they were introduced & exclusively sold by Oxide Hookah!                    

    3) The oBowl 

    Oxide Hookah oBowl Canada
    The oBowl was the first product to be produced by Oxide Hookah! Manufactured with high quality food grade aluminum with its beautiful design & matte black colour. The oBowl performed with precision in 2016 with sessions lasting over 2 hours. Although the oBowl is manufactured with aluminum it retains the perfect heat level & doesn't scorch your session due to the volume of materials used. This was definitely in the top 5 of 2016.      

    4) Shika Hookah's


    Shika Hookahs Canada


    Shika Hookahs stole the show in 2016! With the release of the V4 models, we saw huge improvements done to the new line with an overhaul of beautiful high quality craftsmanship & design. The new v4 models included hand etched engravings on the all brass stems & most models included a copper down stem. Other improvements were done with the purge valves of the the pipes along with the hose ports making them more universal to different brands of modern hoses. Shika was the go to hookah brand in 2016!


    5) CocoUrth Natural Charcoal

     We saw the release of CocoUrth charcoal in 2016! Cocourth is known for its longevity as these coals last up to 1.5 hours & burn clean. They also are reputable for staying lit while using foil in comparison to many other brands which tend to black out over a period of time. Within the first couple of months from its release, CocoUrth became a major brand & are now the first charcoal company in the hookah industry to manufacture in-house rather than being outsourced from various Indonesian factories. 
    We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 hookah products in 2016! Stay tuned for our future blog posts & feel free to post your thoughts below in the comment section!