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    Alpaca Apache Bowl by Alpaca Bowl Company Hookah Bowls

    The Alpaca Apache bowl is now available at Oxide Hookah. Alpaca Bowl Company makes its bowls out of 100% USA clay and glazes. The Alpaca Apache Bowl is special in its unique way of having the 7 inner holes similar to a traditional Egyptian clay bowl and a modern design with its superior colours and glazes. The Apache also prevents your shisha juices from leaking into your hookah stem. This bowl is compatible with all major heat management devices on the market. Get your Alpaca Apache Bowl for your hookah today! 

    How To Pack The Alpaca Apache Bowl

    Whether you are using Al-Fakher Tobacco, Fumari, or even Afzal Tobacco the Alpaca Apache bowl is easy to pack. Simply sprinkle in your shisha tobacco to a fluff pack around the the centre and your good to go. For using dark leaf shisha, you can densely pack your tobacco around the centre spire to get the most out of your sessions. We highly recommend the Alpaca Apache bowl as it works great with both foil and the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System

    Alpaca Apache Bowl Measurements

    The Alpaca apache hookah bowl is a mid sized bowl to carry a fair amount of shisha in order to have a long enjoyable hookahs session. These bowls are known for their longevity due to their high quality clay materials and glazes unlike standard Egyptian clay bowls. Below is a rundown of the measurements of the Alpaca Apache Bowl for hookahs.

    Alpaca Bowl Dimensions

    Height: 4 Inches
    Diameter: 3 Inches
    Volume: 18- 25 Grams of Shisha (Based on Pack Method)

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