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With multiple brands available in our warehouse, you will find some of the world's best hookah charcoal at Oxide Hookah. Our selection of natural coconut hookah charcoal and quick lighting hookah charcoal will make it easy for you to find coals that will provide you with the experience of the the perfect shisha session. Charcoal is a must-have essential for smoking shisha as it is the only heat source that bakes hookah flavors. Our main initiative is to provide our consumers only the finest of quality coals available on the market. This is why that each and every brand name that we provide has been tested by us to ensure optimal performance during your smoking sessions. Need help finding the right type of coals to ignite for your hookah? To learn more about our hookah coal products check out our blog to understand the different styles that are available, how to choose the right size and how to light them!

What Is Hookah Charcoal?

Hookah charcoal is solely manufactured to heat the flavor of your shisha tobacco. It burns at an optimized temperature to vaporize the the flavouring, glycerin and liquid ingredients that is mixed in with your tobacco while eliminating the combustion phase tobacco leaves typically undergo I other methods of smoking. It is the only way you can smoke a hookah pipe today and is cost effective heating source.

How are Hookah Coals Made?

Although the method of manufacturing hookah coals is a common process, each brand creates their own recipes to develop their uniqueness of heat temperature, ash time and so on. The coals designed for hookah smoking typically go through a process of of breaking down raw and combustible materials such as coconuts or wood husk and are then mixed with an organic binding substance. To learn more about the ingredients and process check out our post on what hookah coals are made of.

How To Light Hookah Charcoal

The method of igniting this product is simple. If you are using quick lights, the typical method is to use a lighter but be sure to light them in a ventilated and safe area where there are no other combustible in the vicinity. Avoid inhaling the carbon monoxide that burns off and make sure to ensure that the coal is fully lit and is amber in colour with a thin layer of ash. 

Lighting natural coal is best when using an electric burn. We recommend the ones with the coil on top. The typically take about 5 minutes to completely get them going. Again we recommend doing this in a ventilated area and to avoid any inhalation of the combustibles. To learn more visit our blog post on how to light coals for shisha.

Which Coals Are Best For Hookah Smoking?

The best type of coal for smoking shisha is coconut coal. The key qualities that make them optimal for using them in your sessions are that they provide the perfect amount of heat, the ash less and last longer than quick lights and they do not have harmful substances embedded in their ingredients.

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