Hookah Coals

With multiple brands available at our warehouse, you will find some of the world's best hookah coals at Oxide Hookah. Our selection of natural coconut hookah charcoal and quick-lighting coals will make it easy for you to find ones provide you with the experience of the perfect shisha session. Charcoal is essential for smoking shisha as it is the only heat source that bakes hookah flavors. Our main initiative is to provide our consumers with only the finest quality available on the market. Each brand name supplied is tested before release to ensure optimal performance during your smoking sessions. Need assistance finding the right style or type of coals to ignite for your hookah? To learn more about our derivatives, check out our blog to apprehend the different styles, how to choose the right size and how to light them

Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal function solely to heat the flavor of your shisha tobacco. It burns at an optimized temperature to vaporize the flavouring, glycerin and liquid ingredients mixed in with your tobacco. While doing so, the combustion phase tobacco leaves typically undergo in other forms of smoking is eliminated. It is the only way you can smoke a hookah pipe today and is a cost-effective heating source. eliminated

How Hookah Coals Are Made

The process of producing millions of pieces of natural charcoal is a step-by-step procedure that involves time and patience. Coconut coals require one key ingredient to manufacture usable coal, coconuts! The process involved in extracting coconut shell is done by hand using a small tool to withdraw between the husk and the coconut meat. After extraction and cleaning, the coconut shells are left in warm conditions to dry and remove all moisture within the raw material. Once the coconut shells are inspected and entirely dehydrated, they are thrown into barrels and torched until they charr. This procedure makes the remains easy to break down and crush until they are a powder substance. When ready, the remains are combined using water and an organic starch extract derived from cassava root. This method will create a play-dough-like blend that will then be shaped and thrown into an extruder machine to be moulded and cut into the desired shape for mass production. Once extruded, the moulded coals are left to dry and then baked to create the final hardened product. The coals are then cooled, packaged and shipped off to their final destination!

Best Coals For Smoking Shisha

The best type of coal for smoking shisha is coconut coal. The qualities that make them optimal for utilizing in your sessions are that they provide the perfect amount of heat, the ash way less, last longer than quick lights and do not contain toxic substances embedded in their ingredients.

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