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Welcome to our clay hookah bowl collection. Each hookah bowl is designed to retain the perfect heat so that your smoke sessions taste great! Clay has always been the standard material for shisha as it retains the right amount of heat and prevents your tobacco from scorching. We offer a variety of the best products so that your hookah shisha molasses or mu'assel performs to its max achieving amazing flavour and clouds of thick smoke. These heads are designed by valued and reputable brands such as HookahJohn & Alpaca Bowl Company. All accessories will fit a majority of different types of hookah pipes. Check out our collection of hand made shisha bowls and enjoy better sessions.

Different Types Of Clay Bowls

When it comes to choosing your new clay shisha head, there are a variety of different styles being manufactured. Based on how you like your smoke it is important to choose the proper type of bowl so that you get the best performance. Below is a description of each style hookah bowl.

Phunnel Style Clay Bowl

Mainly a white clay hookah bowl is the base material for a phunnel hookah topper but can also be a made of glass or silicone hookah bowl. Can also be referred to as a funnel bowl. Obtains one large centre hole to allow maximum airflow & achieve unrestricted smoke sessions. Hookah bowl sizes vary & can hold anywhere from 15 grams of shisha tobacco to 35 grams of hookah shisha.

Egyptian Style Clay Bowl

Typically manufactured out of red clay and can be an a glazed or unglazed hookah bowl. Can be hand made or moulded by machine. has 6-7 punctures to allow airflow through your shisha pipe or hookah stem. Adds a bit of restriction to enhance shisha flavour. holds about 20 grams of molasses. 

Vortex Style Clay Bowl

Clay shisha bowls made of thin ceramic material. Commonly used for short sessions. Includes an inner lifted centre with 4-5 punctures to allow smoke to generate & travel through your hookah. Commonly machine made but can be found designed out of clay by hand. Holds roughly 15-20 grams of hookah flavour and is 

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