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The invasion of the Russia is here! Available now over at This is latest trend in the hookah industry. Designed in Saint Petersburg and Moscow out of high quality materials and metals, these hookah shisha pipes are seriously good. At Oxide Hookah, we test everything that we add to our website and we mean everything! These shisha pipes are up there when it comes to quality build and high performance. Need something that'll last you forever? Want something that'll produce thick puffy clouds of smoke? Do you appreciate high quality? If you answered yes to all of those questions then your best bet is to pick up a pipe from this origin collection.

Best Russian Hookah Brands

Our collection contains models from Hoob Hookahs & accessories alongside shisha stems from Mexanika Smoke. Built to have an elegant look, minimalist modern design with futuristic features, these pipes please the eye with exotic features while functioning at an outstanding performance. Smooth draw, large clouds and the centre of attention. Pick up your new smoking pipe for sale at Oxide-Hookah.

Why You Should Buy a Russian Style Hookah

The answer is simple. When purchasing a kal'yan at Oxide Hookah, you are 100% guaranteed genuine and authentic products that contain no harmful materials. These pipes are made with the highest quality of aerodynamic metals such as stainless steel and are anodized with food grade coating. Considered affordable and low cost for the quality you are getting. These hookahs also perform at maximum 100 giving you large shisha smoking cloud output from your tobacco flavors whether it be fumari or al fakher in your bowl. Truly world renowned luxury hookah pipes with open ports and purge systems. Get free shipping in Canada on all orders $175 or more.

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