Mini Hookah

You are going on vacation but want to travel with your hookah shisha pipe. The only issue is that your hookah set is too big to fit into your travel luggage. So what are your options? Getting a mini hookah is your solution! Long are the days where you need to bring along an extra carry-on just for your shisha pipe & shisha accessories. Fit your portable hookah along with the rest of your clothes & belongings. Our collections of compact hookah pipes for sale are the perfect sidekick for your adventures abroad. You no longer have to compromise with a small pumpkin pipe that only provides mediocre or horrible sessions. offers the best small hookah selection online so that you are still able to enjoy your shisha sessions while on the go.

Best Mini Hookah Pipes Collection

When you are shopping with us, you will notice a common theme! All of our pipes are from the best brands at the affordable prices. Each & every single model is added to our catalog based on three factors. Brand reputation, quality control & performance. With these 3 factors, we decide whether or not to carry a hookah or complete setup on our website or not. Each pipe is tested for performance based on smoke output to ensure that you get full throttle sessions. The smoking products are tested prior to being added to our catalog to ensure that you receive a high end hookah model. If you are purchasing a mini glass water pipe from us, we ensure that the quality of the glass is built to last and are designed by names like Oduman. We even have a selection of Khalil Mamoon setups for sale in miniature size. Each & every hookah setup is inspected before shipping out to you to ensure that your hookah product is in perfect condition when received. 

How To Use A Mini Hookah?

Use your tiny hookah the way you want! Whether you are planning a trip & need a something for travel or if you just want something compact size to add onto your tabletop, mini hookahs make the perfect pipes for all situations! Going to the park? No worries, your shisha sidekick can travel with you. Looking to set the mood at home? Your little friend will not interfere within your living space! No matter what situation you are in, a mini shisha pipe will always come in handy. Pick up your new small shisha at the best shisha shop in Canada!

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