Different Types of Hookah Bowls

Different Types of Hookah Bowls

Learn about Different Types of Hookah Bowls

When choosing a bowl for your hookah, there are a couple of things you want to consider such as which shisha tobacco you are going to be using, how much shisha flavour your sessions need and of course what are the pros and cons of having each hookah bowl. In this blog I will go through each type and discuss which is best bowl based on the needs of an individual when choosing a bowl.

Egyptian Clay Bowl

These are the standard bowls that are handmade in Egypt and come with the majority of heavy all brass pipes such as KM & Magdy Zidan hookah brands. The material is made out of clay which is great for heat management. The bowl itself is not hollow as such modern made ceramic Chinese bowls. The Egyptian bowls usually have roughly 4-5 air vent holes in the bottom centre of the bowl. They are hand made so they will not look perfect and will each come in a variety of sizes and may vary in shape slightly.  Most common brands used with this bowl are drier such as Nakhla and the standard Zagloul tobacco (Flavourless & very Dry Tobacco) although today in western society majority of brands such as Al Fakher and Starbuzz etc are still being packed in an Egyptian Bowl. This bowl is the standard of traditional hookahs. With that being said the downfall of using this bowl with todays modern brands are that the juices run down the stem of the shisha pipe and into the hookah base which could cause a bit of a mess around the tray holder. Also, you may or may not be able to use certain hookah accessories such as the Kaloud lotus depending on the size of the bowl. Generally, this bowl uses a thin normal fitted grommet to attach to your pipe. 

Vortex Bowl

The vortex bowl has been very popular over the years. You can pretty much use any type of shisha brand in these bowls. They are made of ceramic material and are manufactured by machine, therefore resulting in a more professional shape and design. The vortex hookah bowl does not have holes at the bottom centre which reduces juices from shisha leaking into your stem and making a mess. Instead a spired piece is lifted in the centre of the bowl and contains the holes on the sides of the centre piece. There are usually four holes around the spire. This bowl comes in a variety of different colours. Accessories such as the kaloud lotus generally fits this shisha bowl.

Phunnel Bowl

Over the last couple of years the phunnel bowl has become very popular. The phunnel hookah bowl is usually made of clay material and features only one large hole in the centre of the bowl. It preserves the juices of your molasses so that  leakage is prevented from seeping into the hookah stem and maintains the flavour of the shisha tobacco for a long period of time. The clay material helps with hookah bowl heat management as well. Most phunnel bowls fit the kaloud lotus and other heat management accessories. All types of shisha flavour and tobacco leaf types are used in this bowl and is popular in the United States for using with the Tangiers Tobacco brand. The bowls come in different colours and designs. 

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