Best Hookah Brands of 2024

Oxide Hookah is the leading hookah shisha retailer in the world! We offer the best selection of water pipes from top hookah brands for your shisha flavor enjoyment!

The Best Hookah Selection In The World

Choosing the best hookah pipe that is catered to you can make the difference between a memorable, enjoyable session rather than a mediocre one. It's not just about picking a product; it's about selecting a brand that stands for quality, authenticity, and reliability. Check out our list of the most favourable companies and names in the industry that make the best water pipes made for smoking shisha tobacco.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah

Khalil Mamoon

Established in 1870, KM is oldest shisha brand in the world that manufactures traditional Egyptian hookahs.

Shika Hookahs

Shika Hookah

The latest luxury hookah brand out of Cairo designing pipes with beautiful designs.

Regal Hookahs

Regal Hookah

An American hookah company that specializes in producing high-end pipes made utilizing exotic woods.

MIG Hookahs

MIG Shisha

Considered as the best German hookah producer specializing in engineered stainless steel pipes.

Oxide Hookah

Oxide Hookah

The first hookahs ever produced in Canada! Oxide is a premium shisha brand that focuses on creating pipes that are highly functioning and simplistic in design.

AppleOnTop Hookah


U.S based producer and considered to make some of the best american hookahs from carbon fibre and aluminum.

Hoob Hookahs

Hoob Hookah

Minimalist Russian brand with a primary focus of innovating and creating elegant shisha pipes.

Mexanika Hookah

Mexanika Smoke

Another producer from Russia who creates pipes that are easy to disassemble and for travel and maintenance.


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