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Vortex Bowl

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The Vortex hookah bowl was designed in the early 2000s to help enhance shisha sessions. The goal was to reduce the amount of juices from shisha tobacco from leaking into hookah stems to preserve flavour and smoke. The products is designed out of ceramic materials and preserves a fair amount of heat to provide you with great sessions. 

How To Pack A Vortex Styled Bowl

The method to packing one of these heads is simple. Just fluff up the tobacco in your hands and sprinkle in around the grooves. Ensure you have at least 1 mm of space between your tinfoil and tobacco to allow proper airflow. 

Customer Reviews

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Elaine W
Great Bowl

Nice bowl. Great colour scheme. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a bowl to purchase from here. Quick delivery and reasonable shipping rates.

Clayton S.
The OG

The OG of bowls. Still use this in my collection when i travel as its an inexpensive bowl.