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Titanium Hookah Lounge Bulk Box Of Coals - 10KG/Flats

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Titanium Coconut Charcoal 10 KG Lounge Case

Are you a daily smoker? Do you tend to run out of charcoal often? Now worries we got you covered with the Titanium 10 KG Lounge Box. Titanium charcoals are HJ's brand of natural coconut charcoal! Low ash, no harshness and easy to light! These do not stink up the room and also help preserve the flavour of your shisha throughout your sessions. Titaniums are 100% coconut shell coals and come in two different sizes for the lounge case. Flats tend to last 45 minutes per coal and cubes last roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes per coal. Get these charcoals today with your order!


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