CocoUrth 10KG Case Of Cubed Shape Shisha Coal - 720 Pieces

$144.95 CAD
$144.95 CAD $179.99 CAD

CocoUrth Cube Natural Hookah Charcoal - 10 KG Lounge Case

Need charcoal in bulk? Need a coal that lasts long & burns clean? Look no further. Introducing CocoUrth Natural Coconut Charcoal 10 KG Lounge Case. The 10KG CocoUrth case will last you for a good couple months especially if you are a heavy smoker. This coal is 100% natural & does not contain Sulphur or Nitre. Produced with the highest quality of compressed coconut shell. CocoUrth charcoal will help preserve the flavour of your shisha during your sessions. These are known for their quality cut, consistent heat & black out prevention. Pick up a case today!

Oxide Hookah is proud to be Cocourth's Exclusive Canadian Vendor 

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