Cocourth Cubes Organic Coconut Charcoal - Box of 72 Pieces

CocoUrth Cubes (72 pieces per box)

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Cocourth Cubes For Sale

Cocourth Cubes are premium coconut charcoal cubes designed for an exceptional hookah experience. Sourced from high-quality coconut shells, these cubes are meticulously crafted to ensure a clean and even burn. Known for their long-lasting heat and minimal ash production, Cocourth Cube Coals provide a consistent and flavorful session for hookah enthusiasts. The cubes are easy to light, offering a hassle-free setup, and their natural composition enhances the taste of your favorite shisha flavors. Elevate your hookah sessions with these cube coals, a reliable choice for those seeking superior performance and purity in their charcoal.

Customer Reviews

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Rayees H.
Great products -- as advertised

Lights up relatively quickly, smokes well

Lukasz k.
Best coals I've used

I used to always use CocoNara but will never go back, these coals last much longer and ash much less. Oxide Hookah provided great service and accommodated local pickup

Only Use These Coals!

Going through almost every brand of coconut coal out there - these stopped us dead in our tracks.
These burn so clean and last longer than any other to date. We didn't get it right away but once you go back to the other coal you were using, you'll realize it.
To top it off, impressive packaging / handling of the coals in a nice package so none ever arrive broken up or chipped.

CocoUrths are Awesome!

Love these coals! Had a session the other night where these last 1.5 hours and burned really clean. Great coals i highly recommend