Cocourth Hex Coals Box of 60 Pieces

Cocourth Hexagonal Coals - 60 Pieces Per Box

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Cocourth Hexagonal

Cocourth Hex Coals are premium coconut charcoal designed for an exceptional hookah or shisha smoking experience. Crafted from natural coconut shells, these hexagonal charcoal briquettes offer a clean and long-lasting burn with minimal ash production. Their unique hexagonal design provides optimal surface area for even heat distribution, ensuring consistent and flavorful sessions. Cocourth Hexagonal Coals are known for their low-ash formula, producing minimal smoke and maintaining the purity of your chosen tobacco flavors. With a quick ignition time and extended burning duration, these coals are a reliable choice for enthusiasts seeking quality and performance in their hookah sessions. Elevate your smoking experience with Cocourth Hexagon shaped coals, the choice of discerning hookah connoisseurs. Available for sale in a 1 kg box design of 60 pieces.