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Titanium Cubettes - 120 Pieces

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Titanium Cubettes (120 Pack)

The newest variation of Titanium hookah coals! If you tend to use HookahJohn Titanium cubes or Titanium Flats coals but want a smaller version that provide low heat, these are perfect for you. The Titanium Cubettes are designed to last up to 1 hour and work great with either foil or a heat management device. We give this hookah charcoal size a great rating for the convenience of having the right amount of heat while lasting for long durations! Pick up a box of HookahJohn Charcoal Titanium Cubettes (120 Pack) today at Oxide Hookah.

Titanium Hookah Coals

Titanium hookah coals are amazing! The brand has been around since 2014 & continues to be the worlds leading hookah coal brand. Oxide Hookah is proud to carry Titanium Hookah coals in Canada since 2014. The Titanium HookahJohn charcoal are made up of 100% coconut shell & organic ingredients. Shisha charcoal is an important factor when smoking hookah especially when it comes to health. Titanium coals give off the least amount of C02 & do not give off as much fumes as quick light coals. Avoid hookah sickness by using Titanium coconut charcoal. Shop Titanium hookah coals in Canada at Oxide Hookah.

Benefits of Using Titanium Cubettes Charcoal

Titanium Cubettes are the perfect size for any type of hookah bowl. They are the middle size charcoal in between the HookahJohn Titanium cubes & titanium flats. Cubette coals also fit any hookah heat management system including the Kaloud Lotus 2. The cubette size also gives off the perfect amount of heat so that your hookah shisha tobacco does not burn or scorch. Enjoy better & longer sessions with Titanium Cubettes.

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