Titanium Flats Coals - 108 Pieces

$14.99 CAD
$14.99 CAD $19.99 CAD

Titanium Flats Coals are one of the most leading hookah coals world-wide. This product is a collaboration between Cocobrico and Hookah John. Enjoy the pleasant experience of no cracking, no odors and no aftertaste. These are produced of 100% coconut shell and are considered to be a top performing charcoal when using for your hookah sessions. The flat shape size is comes in handy when using over tinfoil or in an aluminum heat distributor. Flats give off the perfect amount of warmth and temperature to sustain a pleasant smoking session. Reduce burning your tobacco and harshness when using this premium brand.

Titanium Flats Coconut Coals

Each box includes 108 pieces of charcoal equivalent to 1 KG in total weight. To get the best results when using Titaniums, we recommend using a hookah heat management device.

How To Light ?

Burning and lighting the Titanium flat sized lump of coconut charcoal is simple. It requires a consistent heat source such as a coiled hot top or stove. It takes roughly 5 minute to fully ignite. Ensure to flip on the burner once half of the coal is embered so that it is ready to use and has a small layer of ash. Each side should take roughly 2.5 minutes to amber. Avoid using glass tops to avoid any damage or marks.


Dimensions 20mm x 20mm x 15mm
Weight 1 KG Per Box
Origin Indonesia