Hookah Coal Lounge Box (10 KG) - Flat Size - Cocourth

$144.95 CAD
$144.95 CAD $179.99 CAD

Cocourth Lounge Box of Flat Charcoal For Hookah

Searching for bulk hookah charcoal with enduring burn and cleanliness? Your solution is the flat size Cocourth Natural Coconut Charcoal 10KG Lounge Case. This generous 10KG supply lasts for months, especially for heavy smokers. Crafted from 100% natural coconut shell without Sulphur or Nitre, Cocourth charcoal guarantees quality. Elevate your shisha sessions with precision cut, consistent heat, and blackout prevention. Experience excellence with the Cocourth Hookah Coal Lounge Box – get yours today!