Daily Hookah Shisha Products For Your COVID-19 Self Isolation

Daily Hookah Shisha Products For Your COVID-19 Self Isolation

Daily Hookah & Shisha Items You Should Have During Self Isolation

When will things get back to normal? That what we keep asking ourselves everyday during this COVID-19 pandemic. It looks like we're going to be in quarantine for a while till there is finally a coronavirus cure or vaccine. In the meantime though, everyone is at home self distancing and making sure to take all necessary precautions to help flatten the curve of this deadly virus. We all have hobbies right? Well we're assuming your hobby today is smoking hookah! We recently wrote a quick article on 5 Coronavirus Prevention Tips When Smoking Hookah to keep you safe and healthy. Today we will be discussing a few of the daily hookah shisha products you should own during your COVID-19 self-isolation. Most stores are closed during this time but luckily you have Oxide Hookah where you can buy hookahs & accessories online 24/7. We are making the effort to help you out during these rough times by giving you advice on how to enjoy your hookah hobby and providing you with insight on which supplies you should keep on hand while keeping distance. So let's jump into some of the few daily hookah shisha products you should have on hand just in case.

Hookah-Shisha Items For Self-Isolation 

Hookah Coals

Lounge Cases Of Hookah Charcoal

Coronavirus got us into this mess, so let's just try to relax and smoke away. Of course you cant do that if you don't have any coals for your shisha sessions on hand! Enter charcoal lounge cases. Thats right, we do not know how long we are going to be here, so why not have a whole box full so that you never run out? The benefits of owning a case of shisha coals is that you can enjoy your sessions for as long as you want and never worry about running out. You cannot light a hookah pipe without charcoal, so why end up risking your health to grab coals from your friends? Pick up a box and keep safe. Our personal recommendation for coco coals are a brand by the name of CocoUrth. They last long, they are well-priced and you'll be good till this whole world pandemic virus is over. 

Shisha Hose Mouth Tips

Mouth Tips For Shisha Hoses

This one is obvious! We discussed that proper hygiene is so necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Smoking shisha with others is probably one of the fastest ways you can either catch or infect others. Owning a pack or two of hookah mouth tips should always be a priority regardless of who you are smoking with. Personally, when i smoke My Hookah, I always have a hose tip ready to go with or without company. You should not be sharing with anyone as mentioned in our prior post but regardless keep the mouth tip of your hose always sanitary and clean just incase someone takes a puff without you noticing. Always remove the tip from the shisha hose when your away from your pipe. Get a couple of packs for daily use so you do not run low on shisha supply.

Backup Hookah Bowls

Hookah Bowl Replacement

Ok, so check this scenario. Your getting ready to smoke, you have your water level in check, coals are getting lit up, hose is clean and oops, you broke your bowl! Yah, its happened to me a couple of times and boy I wish nobody else has to experience it, especially when being quarantined. I learned the hard way and now I always have a back up bowl or my hookah pipe. It is a safe bet to consider that accidents may happen especially when you are stranded at home. My suggestion is you get a couple at a time so that you have a backup bowl for your backup! Having an extra is important in if you are a hookah enthusiast. Be safe at home rather than being sorry!

Backup Glass Shisha Base Replacement

Hookah Base Replacement

This ones anther important hookah part you should have as a backup. I do not really have to get into to much detail about this one because with out it you wont be able to smoke at all. Glass bases for hookah pipes are the most common replacement parts for pipes. Have one ready just incase you knock your argili over and break the glass. It would suck of you were denied a session because you did not think it through!

COVID-19 Self-Isolating & Hookah

So there you have it! Being quarantined is tough right now and we get it. We hope this little article gave you an idea on how to stay prepared and stocked up while being stuck at home. Enjoy your hobby of smoking shisha and avoid going out as much as possible. Going to your local shop is probably a risk momentarily, in fact I do not even think that it is currently an option. For all of these daily hookah shisha products that we mentioned, visit Oxide Hookah to shop online.

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