Hookah Flavor Saver by HookahJohn

$8.99 CAD
$8.99 CAD $13.99 CAD

Do you enjoy long sessions? Do you wish that your coals wouldn't black out every time you added them on top of your bowl? Do you want more flavour and more smoke from your shisha tobacco? Well we have our solution right here. Enter the Hookah Flavor Saver. This piece is very simple to use and is very effective in prolonging your sessions. All you need to do is add this to the top of your packed bowl, throw on your fully ignited coals and voilà, your good to smoke. Easily add up to 45 minutes more of flavourful, smooth & thick clouds. Avoid all the harshness and burnt flavouring when using this simple accessory.

What Is The Hookah Flavor Saver

This is a low tech solution that extends hookah sessions by managing heat output accordingly so that you do not experience any burn or harshness when smoking. The accessory elevates your coal so that there is no direct contact with your shisha head but just enough space to transfer heat to warm up the flavouring inside. Built out of a thin piece of sturdy spiraled stainless steel and has an elongated handle for ease of use when ashing and rotating your charcoal. Using the flavour saver will help managing heat and smoke output when enjoying a water pipe session. 


Length  7 Inches Long
Material Stainless Steel
Origin Made In The USA

How To Use

The Shisha Flavor Saver is a universal accessory that will work with any clay hookah bowl of your choice. We recommend packing your favourite head the way you normally would and just simply place this heat controller on top. Our deal charcoal of use would be natural coconut coals as they tend to last longer and will sit perfectly on top of the taste saver. Ensure to allow the bowl to heat up for a few minutes before taking your first puff.