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Kaloud Aeolis Hose

Vendor: Kaloud ®
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Product Type: Hookah Hose
$139.95 CAD
$139.95 CAD
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The best hookah hose is finally here! Introducing the new Kaloud Aeolis hose for your hookah. Designed out of the highest grades of material, the company engineered this beautiful shisha hose out of precision so that you can enjoy smoking your hookah with ease. This item is high quality and is for those who love the finer things in life. If you are an enthusiast and like nice things, then you should pick this up and add it to your collection. This fits most traditional and modern hookah pipes.

Kaloud Aeolis Hose For Hookahs

You are probably already familiar with Kaloud® by now. The makers of the world's first hookah heating apparatus is now in the smoking hose business! Not only that, but they've gone mad and have designed something unimaginable. The most perfect shisha piper! This item is one of the latest additions to the product line of many luxury items. When engineering this premium product, the company really thought out the design thoroughly and focused mainly on the users experience by building something that is so simple yet so perfect. This is designed out of both the finest and highest grade of stainless steel and beautifully stained, finished solid wood. The tip includes a removable stainless mouth attachment which can be washed and sanitized after each session. The handle which is solid wood rotates 360º so that it feels good when handling and will also ease pressure off of your wrist. The tubing itself is actually platinum cured silicone which means that it is antibacterial and will not hold any germs or little microbes. Includes a port adapter so that it works with most pipes on the market. Add this your Kaloud hookah family to experience the best smoking experience.


Over here at Oxide Hookah, we are seriously impressed with the design and functionality of this accessory. I don't think we've actually ever seen anything like this and we are so humble to carrying this product on our online store.

Hose Features

  • High quality stainless steel hookah mouthpiece
  • Swivel wooden hose handle with a 360° rotation feature
  • Solid wood handle available in 5 different finishes
  • Removable mouth piece that is interchangeable and available in different colours
  • Includes a hookah hose port adapter to ensure compatibility with a majority of pipes on the market
  • Fits the Krysalis hookah
  • Wide diameter hose for a pleasant and unrestricted draw
  • Shisha hose is made with platinum cured silicone (antibacterial material)
  • Genuine product
  • Patent pending

Customer Reviews

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Jalal S.
I’m Amazed

This is the sexiest hose I have ever owned. It’s pricey but worth it. Got these and the Kaloud tongs to match and all I can say is wow. Thanks for making this available in Canada!!!!