Khalil Mamoon Bases

Khalil Mamoon Bases

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Product Type: Hookah Base
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Khalil Mamoon bases in black and gold. These hookah bases are will fit any mid size or large KM shisha pipe. These Khalil Mamoon vases are also compatible with other shisha stems. If you are looking a replacement for your broken glass, this will do the job. Made of thick glass and manufactured in Egypt. The process of developing this product is mouth blown by individual artisans and may slightly vary in design.

Please note that this accessory is a hand made floor vase designed for hookah pipes. Each model may slightly vary from the image. Due to the nature of these being handcrafted, you may notice some blemishes or aesthetic inconsistencies on the vase (paint marks etc) that will have NO EFFECT on performance or build.

Hookah Base Size

Height 12 inches Tall
Diameter (Opening) 1.75 Inches