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    Hookah Charcoal - Natural Hookah Coals

    Quality Hookah Coals in Canada

    At Oxide Hookah, we want to ensure that you smoke the best of what quality has to offer. With that being said, we only carry hookah charcoal that is safe for your health. The charcoal that we provide to our clients and partners are both safe for you and the environment. Each coal is designed and manufactured out of organic matter. Our charcoal is processed out of compressed coconut shell making them a compostable product. 

    The premium hookah coals that we offer are high quality and come in a variety of different brands, shapes & sizes. We determine which brands to add to our catalog based on cut, process and material. 

    View our quality hookah coals in Canada catalog below & choose from our wide variety of natural coconut shell charcoal. All charcoal supplied are from premium hookah coal manufacturers and do not contain any harmful substances.

    Learn how hookah coals are manufactured