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5 Steps To Avoid Hookah Sickness and Side Effects

by Oxide Hookah 24 Jan 2023 3 Comments
5 Steps To Avoid Hookah Sickness & Side Effects

5 Steps To Avoid Hookah Sickness

Hookah is all about relaxation but what happens when you start feeling not to shabby after hitting the pipe for an hour or so? Usually the feeling of a small buzz when smoking hookah is common and will wear off in a few minutes or so but what do you do when you start feeling nausea to the point where you feel like you have to throw up or have the sensation of a hangover? Could it be that you are packing your hookah bowl incorrectly or are you just not fit for it? Well to keep it short, smoking hookah is pretty much a lifestyle and with a lifestyle comes adjustments. In this post we will go over a few things you can do to make sure that you never feel hookah sickness symptoms or side effects ever again! Follow the 5 steps below to ensure that your hookah shisha sessions are enjoyable all the time. Never feel crappy again! 

5 Steps to Avoid Hookah Sickness

  1. Hydrate throughout the day
  2. Snack on light foods
  3. Pace yourself
  4. Light charcoal properly
  5. Smoke in ventilated areas

Step 1 - Hydrate Throughout The Day and With Your Hookah Sessions

This one is a no brainer. Making sure that you stay hydrated is extremely important in any situation. Your body is made up of at least 65% of water and all vital organs require enough water to function properly, otherwise a small drop in water within your system can cause fatigue or light-headed symptoms which may cause you to faint or experience vomiting especially if you are overworking your body, which brings us back to hookah smoking. If you are smoking hookah and haven't hydrated throughout the day, chances are you are probably not going to feel well when inhaling smoke. An average weight person should consume at least 2 Litres of water per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Large amounts of water shouldn't be consumed all at once as your system still needs time to properly filter and hydrate your cells. When it comes to your hookah shisha session, ensure that you sip on some tea or water to stay H20 fuelled. This small step can go along ways when enjoying your hobby of shisha smoking. 

Step 2 - Snack On Light Foods With Your Hookah Sessions

Never smoke hookah on an empty stomach! When inhaling hookah smoke, you are consuming nicotine into your system. Nicotine is a stimulant that tends to increase blood pressure which can cause your stomach to turn if your running low on energy. To help your stomach stay settled, enjoy something light with your hookah sessions. Something like crackers, cheeses and fresh fruits can go a long way to ensuring your sessions are enjoyable. Eating light snacks also prevents migraines or a hookah headache when smoking.

Step 3 - Pace Yourself When Smoking Hookah

Stop hitting the hookah so hard! Smoking hookah is all about relaxing and unwinding, not about chasing after clouds of smoke! As we mentioned earlier, most shisha flavours contain nicotine which increase blood pressure and can cause you to faint or feel nausea if too much is consumed at once. Theres no point of continuously inhaling puff after puff as it were a race. Relax, take your time and pass the hookah for god's sake! Hookahs do not turn off if you stop smoking for a minute or two. Pace yourself throughout your smoke sessions and we promise you you'll never get that nausea feeling again!

Step 4 - Make Sure Your Hookah Coals Are Lit Properly

When you setup your hookah, be sure to light your hookah coals till they are completely amber red! Hookah coals are made up of combustible materials since they are meant to give off heat. Whether you are using natural hookah charcoals or easy quick light coals, you always want to ensure that they are lit completely! Why you ask? Well first off, your hookah sessions will taste horrible and probably ruin your entire session but most importantly you'll probably end up fainting if your coals still show signs of unlit particles. Being a combustible substance, hookah charcoals give off carbon monoxide (C02) which can be a harmful t0 your body if too much of it is consumed. You must ensure that your coals are fully lit to guarantee that you are not inhaling C02 throughout your sessions. Following this procedure is highly important and will help to prevent a trip to the hospital. Avoid hookah sickness by lighting your hookah charcoals properly. 

Step 5 - Smoke in a Ventilated Area

Ever walk into a room full of smoke and then suddenly you have a huge migraine hit you? Smoking in a ventilated area is a very important rule to avoid hookah sickness and the common shisha headache. Just as we mentioned earlier, smoke contains C02 which can be harmful to your body if too much is consumed. When smoking inside you want to ensure you have a few windows open to allow proper airflow throughout your home. Doing this will allow new oxygen levels to enter into your smoking space while releasing C02 levels out of your home. If you have ever walked into a hookah lounge where its full of smoke and poorly ventilated, chances are you've seen someone faint or you might've even experienced a migraine yourself after sitting for a short period of time. C02 levels should be taken seriously when smoking hookah indoors and precautions should be considered before doing so. Better yet, smoke your hookah outdoors to enjoy a breathe of fresh air and prevent hookah sickness for good!

Preventing Hookah Side Effects

Your hookah sessions are a period of time where you tend to relax and unwind! Why feel hookah sickness when your trying to enjoy yourself. Following the 5 steps above will help you avoid hookah sickness for good! We hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave comments below on your thoughts and suggestions. 

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18 Oct 2023 Gontse

I was always wondering why I always feel so dizzy to a point where I feel like I want to vomit everytime I smoke hubbly,not so long Ago I smoked it I feel like I want to vomit. L.l try follow the steps thank you so much

21 Jun 2023 Wasif Kiani

Great! Love this article

26 Jan 2023 Thomas K.

Great article. Ill use these tips going forward to prevent headaches and nausea.

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