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Kaloud Lotus 1 VS 2

by Oxide Hookah 18 Sep 2020 0 Comments
Kaloud Lotus 1 VS 2

Welcome to another post by the Oxide Hookah company. In today’s topic, we will be doing a run down and comparison of two major hookah heat management systems in the hookah world. Kaloud is a premium shisha accessories manufacturer based out of California, USA and is the original innovator of the hookah HMD. Since their initial launch in 2009, the company has created multiple product lines to help enhance the experiences of hookah smokers and enthusiasts. Today our focus will be comparing its flagship development which happens to be the hookah heat management device. Currently, the establishment has three variations within its HMD collection. We will position the two most prevalent against one another to compare them side by side, go over their pros and cons and determine which item may be suitable for your requirements as a user. So leads dive into it and compare the Kaloud Lotus 1 vs 2.

Lotus 1

Kaloud Lotus

The Kaloud lotus 1 was the first product and original hookah heat management system developed by the company in 2009. Although it’s gotten a bit larger over the years and now accommodates to bear more coals, the shape and form still resemble the earliest. The design of the Kaloud Lotus One, now known as the Kaloud Lotus Plus, is remarkably straightforward. The body is circular and harbours up to three full-sized cubes of coconut charcoal. The plus heat control system also contains a cover with vents, which allow you to supervise heat from the ignited charcoal and help sustain the longevity of the session. The apparatus is available in three additional colour variants, black, gold and silver. It fits all hookah bowls with a diameter of 3.25 inches. In addition, it will operate with undersized bowls as long as the vent holes align over the shisha tobacco within the bowl. As previously mentioned, the Lotus v1 HMD allows you to regulate hookah charcoal heat in your bowl. It will permit you to have lengthier sessions while upholding the flavour of your hookah tobacco. Unlike the Lotus V2, the lid or mantle of the device has a handle for you to remove or add on whenever required. This shisha heat system is fabricated from high-quality aero-grade aluminum and is safe to use when smoking. You will never be required to use tinfoil again.

Lotus 2

Kaloud Lotus 2

The Lotus 2 is the more contemporary HMD by Kaloud Inc. Unlike the original Kaloud lotus 1, V2 is more of a spherical-shaped HMD. The unique features of the lotus 2 possess a dome vent hole system or cover which detaches from the underpart of the heat manager. The heat cover no longer has the fastened handle we are used to using. It now includes an autonomous carrier or extension to help manage and remove the dome cover when required. Comparable to the original model, the latest version allows you to harbour three charcoals throughout your hookah shisha session. Another distinction between the Kaloud lotus one versus version 2 is the attribute that the more recent model only functions precisely with lipped shisha bowls or the brand-made Samsaris edition bowl, produced specifically for the lotus V2 model. The latter is compatible with nearly any shisha head. Some compatible bowls for the lotus 2 heat management system fit options like the HookahJohn Ferris bowl, the Alpaca Lipache or LeRook. The contemporary model of the Kaloud Lotus is also created out of high-quality aluminum and is safe to use while smoking shisha.

Kaloud Lotus 1 VS Lotus 2 HMD

Lotus 1 On Samsaris Bowl

So which Kaloud lotus is best suitable for you? They both manage heat incredibly well and will prolong your smoke sessions similarly. Based on your preference and the types of accessories you use for your hookah, you should be able to determine which one will work best by comparing the two. Some elements you’ll want to consider in order to determine which of the two is most useful for your hookah sessions are the types of hookah tobacco bowls you use when smoking and the quantity of charcoal you use throughout your session. We hope you appreciated this brief read and were able to distinguish which Kaloud lotus model is best for your needs.

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