Best Hookah Accessories Of 2022

Welcome back to another great post by Oxide Hookah. Today we will be going through a list of the best hookah accessories of 2022 so far. Although it has been a rough year with the whole coronavirus pandemic, the hookah world has still been able to push through the year and has offered us with some cool new products. So let’s go ahead and discuss some of the accessories of 2022.

Best Hookah Accessories

  • Best hookah bowl
  • Best hookah hose
  • Best hookah HMD
  • Best hookah base

Best Hookah Bowl

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl
When it comes to quality, durability and the smoke enhancement of your shisha tobacco flavours, it’s very important to choose the right shisha head. In '22, the top hookah bowl goes to the Kaloud Samsaris aluminum bowl. As you probably already know, Kaloud is a luxury hookah brand that’s been around for a decade and creates high end accessories. The Kaloud Samsaris high heat bowl is the latest addition to its hookah bowl lineup. Here’s why the Samsaris bowl takes the top ranking for this years best hookah accessory for the the hookah head category.

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Bowl

  • Durable and easy to travel with
  • Manages heat evenly
  • Fits the Kaloud Lotus HMD like a glove
  • Uses about 15-18 grams of shisha tobacco flavour
  • Doesn’t require any gaskets to fit your pipe
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Fits all major hookah-shisha pipes
  • Made out of high quality silicone and aluminum
  • Is food grade safe and doesn’t contain any harmful metals or silicone

The Samsaris Vitria definitely steals the top ranking for hookah bowls and we give it a rating of 5 out of 5. You can pick up a new Vitria silicone bowl over in our shisha bowl collection.

Best Hookah Hose

AOT Carbon1 Shisha Hose
We get this question a lot! What’s the best hookah hose you ask? We got an answer for you! When it comes to the best hookah hose the answer is plain and simple. The top ranking hookah hose for this year is the AOT Carbon1 hookah hose. Apple On Top is internationally known for its AOT Apple hookah head and has been around for close to 15 years. Since it’s first product, the company has grown and has a full lineup of pipes and shisha accessories. One of those products happened to be the Carbon1 hose which is designed out of real carbon fibre and kink proof silicone. Here’s why the Carbon1 shisha hose takes the years top rank for hoses.

AOT Carbon1 Hose

  • Designed out of a real carbon fibre stem
  • The silicone hose is medical grade material
  • Kink proof and includes a hose spring attachment
  • Carbon mouth tips for easy smoking
  • Ghost proof silicone so that you can use as many flavours as you like
  • Washable hookah hose to prevent residue
  • Designed in the USA
  • Compatible with all hookah pipes
  • Lightweight and easy on the wrist
  • Perfect length and dimensions

We love the AOT Carbon1 due to its sleek design and its amazing silicone hose which actually enhances your flavours and keeps your sessions clean and hygienic. Carbon1 is the original carbon fibre hookah hose. You can pick yours up today over in our shop under the hookah hose collection!

Best Hookah HMD

Hookah smoking has reached an era where you no longer need tinfoil to smoke! Hookah heat management devices (HMD’s) allow you to smoke your hookah without the need of poking holes in tin foil or constantly moving your natural coals to get them going right. Smoking hookah is so much simpler with an HMD! Which HMD you ask? We have an answer for that also. This years best hookah heat management system is simply the OG of hmd’s. The Kaloud Lotus plus is the top ranked hookah heat manager. Here’s why it retains its title!

Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management

  • Designed out of high quality aluminum
  • Manages heat evenly without scorching your bowl
  • Compatible with almost any hookah bowl
  • Includes a removable cover which contains ventilation slots to adjust heat
  • Available in two colour variants (black and silver)
  • Contains charcoal carriers to allow proper airflow
  • Enhances and manages flavour temperature
  • Provides amazing hookah smoke output
  • Allows up to 3 full size hookah cube coals
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • Designed in the USA
  • The original hookah heat management system

The Kaloud lotus is the original HMD and still is king when it comes to heat management. Over the years it’s gotten bigger and better with it colour variations and it’s capability of holding up to three full sized square shisha coals without them blacking out.  You can pick up a new Kaloud Lotus I+ at our shop under the hookah heat management collection.

Best Hookah Base

Hookah John Decanter 1 Shisha Base
Hookah bases have a simple task but can make or break the looks of your shisha pipe. The hookah base is designed to carry your entire shisha stem and hold water to filter out your smoke. It’s aesthetics is important however as it can improve the looks of your pipe or either make it look awkward. The shape of your hookah base also has an impact on how your hookah smokes. This years top hookah base is the Hookahjohn Decanter 1 base. The Decanter is one of the many HookahJohn shisha accessories provided by the man himself. What makes this hookah base the top ranking accessory is the following.

Hookah John Decanter 

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Optimal shape for smoke performance
  • Fits most modern and traditional hookah pipes
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed out of bohemian crystal
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Flat and wide bottom base to prevent your hookah set from tipping over
  • Transparent and simple aesthetics

We love the Decanter 1 base due to its elegant design and its compatibility with almost any hookah stem available on the market. These bases look amazing on any hookah setup and add that clean look you desire. You can find the Decanter 1 crystal base in our catalog under the hookah base section.

Top Shisha Accessories & Parts

So there you have it folks. These products are the best of this year and we believe that you will agree with us. Each hookah product we have suggested have been used by our team and have been put to the test with hours of tireless smoking (it was fun)! We hope this post help you with finding the top shisha accessories of 2020. Stay safe and smoke easy!

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