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Kaloud Lotus 2

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Product Type: Hookah Heat Management System
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Introducing the Kaloud Lotus II heat management system! The new bowl accessory is the latest and greatest shisha HMD on the market. The products establishment is an innovative company in the hookah industry based out of California and was the originator of the first heat management system ever for the hookah bowl, the Kaloud Lotus v1.

The new charcoal carrier is an advancement on previous versions of the lotus bowl hookah system. The new dome shaped design is a first of its kind designed to provide you with smooth thick clouds of smoke. This hookah enhancement device is compatible with many hookah bowls including the Kaloud Samsaris bowl lineup. This product has since received a 5 star rating since being released to the public.


  • Eliminates ashes and charcoal particles from transferring through to tobacco
  • Enhances the taste of your smoke with pure flavour
  • Prevents burning  and scorching of hookah flavor
  • Carries up to 3 full sized coco cube charcoals
  • Includes a detachable handle that can also adjust ventilation
  • Unique dome structure to maximize heat retention
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed by Kaloud

Kaloud Lotus 2 Bowl Compatibility

This heat system is compatible with the following hookah accessories.

  • Lipped Bowls - Clay
  • Samsaris Vitria Bowls Designed for the V2

Kaloud Lotus II Review 

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Terry S
Smoke tastes way better

Love the lotus 2. Owned the first one they had and now got this. Complete game changer. Get one! You won’t regret it. Fast shipping and great service.