Hookah & Shisha Supplies in Canada

Purchase Hookah Supplies in Canada

Oxide Hookah is Canada's best quality hookah & shisha vendor in Canada. We offer a variety of hookahs, stems, bowls, hoses & bases. We are proudly located in  Calgary, AB, Canada.

Oxide Hookah offers free shipping across Canada on orders $175 or more. We value our customers and provide exceptional customer service to satisfy each and everyone of our clients. We have a 100% guarantee policy to ensure that you are happy with the product you purchase, your order experience is top notch and a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Oxide Hookah wants to make sure that you also know how to setup and use your products and have developed a whole blog section filled with informative tutorials, industry news and product overviews.

Trust us with your hookah orders and enjoy an experience thats worthy of your time! 

Oxide Hookah Canada Logo - Hookah Supplies For Sale in Canada

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