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Khalil Mamoon Lotus Ice Hookah (Gold)

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Khalil Mamoon Lotus Ice Hookah (Gold)

New hookah for sale by Khalil Mamoon! The Lotus ice hookah is the latest spin-off on chiller hookahs. Traditionally, ice chamber hookahs come in a plain silver coating and looked pretty bland. Not this shisha pipe! The Lotus ice hookah is hand etched with beautiful designs all over the body of the stem. This is a unique Khalil Mamoon hookah due to the rare occasion that KM actually produces ice chiller hookahs in gold with this amount of detail. The KM Lotus Ice hookah in gold stands at approximately 36 inches tall placing it in the big hookah category. Pick up the newest Chiller hookah pipe by Khalil mamoon here!

Khalil Mamoon Lotus Ice Chiller Hookah

  • Hookah Brand / Model: Khalil Mamoon - Gold Lotus Ice - Chiller Pipe
  • Hookah Size: 34 inch Hookah
  • Hookah Material: All Brass Hookah
  • Hookah Origin: Egyptian Hookah

KM Lotus Hookah Accessories

With each authentic Khalil Mamoon hookah comes its necessary hookah accessories to function properly. Below is a list of accessories included with your brand new genuine KM Hookah.

  • Khalil Mamoon Hookah Stem - Lotus Chiller Hookah
  • Authentic KM Hookah Tray
  • Genuine Khalil Mamoon Hookah Base
  • KM Rainbow Hose
  • Hookah Charcoal Tongs
  • Standard Egyptian Clay Bowl

Khalil Mamoon 

KM hookahs are hand made in Egypt. Each KM varies in design slightly based on the unique hookah etching done by hand. Weld marks, small scuffs & minor dents may be present due to the nature that the shisha pipes for sale are hand-crafted. Bases & bowls my have some imperfections due to the nature of being handmade.