Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Arabic Hookah
Arabic Hookah - Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Stem Close-up

Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Arabic Hookah

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Step into the enchanting world of the Arabian Nights with our exquisite Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah. Crafted with a deep respect for traditional Arabic design, this masterpiece brings the magic of ancient tales to your modern-day gatherings.

Arabic Hookah Features

1. Craftsmanship Perfection: Each Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah is painstakingly handcrafted in Egypt, reflecting generations of skill and dedication.

2. Timeless Arabic Elegance: The 1001 Nights Hookah boasts a design that transports you to the heart of Arabian culture. Its graceful curves, ornate details, and rich colors evoke the grandeur of the Arabian Nights, making it a stunning centerpiece for any event.

3. Premium Quality: Our hookah is constructed using top-tier materials, ensuring its longevity and durability. From its sturdy base to its finely detailed stem and intricately designed bowl, the Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah oozes quality.

4. Exceptional Smoking Experience: When it comes to performance, this hookah truly shines. Its optimal airflow and well-balanced design promise a smooth and flavorful smoking experience, enabling you to savor your preferred shisha flavors to the fullest.

Why Choose the Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah

Unveil the allure of this extraordinary hookah, uniting the mystique of Arabian Nights with craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Each draw from the Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah transports you through tradition and history. Here's why it's an exceptional choice:

  • Aesthetic Grace: Its intricate design and rich colors make it a captivating conversation piece, elevating any setting or event.

  • Smooth Draw: The Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Hookah is designed for a satisfying, effortless draw, ensuring an enjoyable smoking session.

  • Easy Assembly: Setting up this hookah is straightforward, allowing you to spend more time enjoying and less time preparing.

  • Low Maintenance: Keeping your hookah in top condition is simple with our care guide, ensuring that it retains its allure.


Brand KM
Height 27 inches tall
Origin Egypt
Materials Stainless Steel

In The Box

With each authentic KM comes its necessary accessories to function properly. Below is a list of accessories included with your brand new genuine KM Hookah.

  • Stainless Stem
  • Arabian Stamped Ashtray
  • Genuine Mouth Blown Glass Base
  • KM Rainbow Threaded Hose
  • Charcoal Tongs Carrier
  • Standard Clay Bowl

Additional Information

These hookahs are hand made in the heart of Egypt. KM is a popular hookah brand known for quality craftsmanship. These stems are also identified for their amazing and beautiful designs. Traditional pipes are built to last you for a lifetime with proper care based on their build and material.

Each model is handmade & unique. Weldings, base & hose on each model may vary in design.

Customer Reviews

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Dale Smit
Good Pipe

I like the design and the way it smokes. Very smooth and no harshness. Thank you for the fast shipping.