Khalil Mamoon Sadaf (Arabesque)

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Introducing the KM Arabesque Sadaf in gold! Combining the traditional beauty of Arabian artistry and the modern modifications of a standard chiller hookah this pipe is just stunning! Not only does it have the looks but it produces massive cloud output & allows you to chill your smoke by adding ice to its top chamber! The base is coated with a traditional arabesque design making this a must own classic hookah. 

Khalil Mamoon Sadaf Specifications

Brand Khalil Maamoon
Height 33 Inches Tall
Materials Brass & Stainless Steel
Origin Egypt


What's Included With This Pipe?

The following is included to make this a complete hokah package

  • Hookah stem with Arabic Calligraphy
  • Mouth blown glass vase
  • Shisha hose (non-washable)
  • Standard handmade clay bowl
  • Charcoal ash tray
  • Base, hose and bowl gaskets
  • Carrier Tongs

Please note that each hookah is handcrafted and may vary in design as displayed. Due to the nature of these being handmade hookahs, the stem, base and bowl may have minor cosmetic blemishes or imperfections which will NOT affect its performance.