Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Oxidized

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Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Hookah

Derived directly from Egypt, the Khalil Mamoon Pharonie single-hosed hookah pipe encapsulates the distinctive features synonymous with the KM brand of artisanal hookahs. The copper midsection of the hookah shaft develops a richer hue over a brief period when left unpolished.

This majestic masterpiece standing tall at 33 inches. Adorned with traditional Egyptian-style etchings, the hookah boasts a classic tri-metal finish that extends the length of the shaft. As with all Khalil Mamoon hookahs, the robust welds and generous hose connector set it apart from the rest.

This exquisite hookah comes complete with a timeless clear and frosted white "bell" shaped glass base, featuring gold decorative stripes and designs. The 74-inch KM hose, with variable hose color, ensures an enjoyable smoking experience. The package includes all essential components such as grommets, tray, an Egyptian-style clay bowl, and complimentary gifts, allowing you to indulge in the beauty of this hookah right out of the box!