Burj Khalifa Hookah By Khalil Mamoon
Khalil Mamoon Burj Hookah Stem (Gold)

Burj Khalifa Hookah

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The Burj Khalifa is another great hand-crafted shisha pipe! This pipe is 27 inches tall & weighs in at about 12 lb. Mainly for personal use as it is considered to be a 1 hose hookah but you could always pass me the hookah! The burj hookah comes in a stunning gold-platinum finish & smokes like as amazing as it is designed to be. The shape & figure of this Egyptian hookah is unique & is named after the Burj Khalifa Tower for its hand crafted shape.


Size 27 Inches Tall
Materials All Brass Hookah
Origin Of Production Egypt

Complete Set Includes

  • Genuine hand etched stem
  • Glass Water Base
  • Non washable hose
  • Ash-tray for coals
  • Coal carrying tongs
  • Hand thrown clay bowl

Additional Information

Our hookahs are hand made in Cairo at the KM Egypt Factory. The hookah brand is a popular and well known for quality craftsmanship. Egyptian hookah stems are also identified for their amazing designs, attention to detail & quality build. These pipes are sure to last you for a lifetime with proper care based on their workmanship and materials. 

Each egyptian bong is handmade & unique. These pipes may vary in design from the available photos provided.

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Artin R.

Love the sheesha! Such an amazing product!