Khalil Mamoon Indian Model

$189.95 CAD
$189.95 CAD $199.95 CAD

The Khalil Mamoon Indian hookah is 32 inches in height and is designed out of solid brass. Finished with arabesque hand etched engravings and a beautiful oxidized silver coating. This is a genuine Khalil Mamoon Egypt item. This is the predecessor to the Taj Mahal model in gold.

Khalil Mamoon Indian

  • Hookah Size: 30 Inch Hookah
  • Hookah Materials: All Brass
  • Hookah Origin: Egypt


This model includes the following accessories to complete a hookah set.

  • Indian Shisha Stem
  • Glass Base
  • Genuine Hose
  • Silver Tray
  • Charcoal Tongs
  • Red Clay Bowl

Additional Information

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand made in Cairo. These pipes are a popular brand known for quality craftsmanship. The hookah stems are also identified for their amazing and beautiful design & quality build. These wwater pipes are sure to last you for a life time with proper care based on their build and materials. 

Each shaft is handmade & unique. Weldings, base & hose on each model may vary in design.