Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja Gold

$129.99 CAD
$129.99 CAD $174.99 CAD

The Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja is here at Oxide Hookah! Looking for a travel hookah? Need something a little smaller than your daily driver pipe? Look no further! The 18 inch Mini Kamanja is now readily available for your pleasure. This hookah stands at a small height and is considered to be a smoking beast. It is a golden coated pipe with beautiful engraved designs all done by hand. It includes a genuine glass base, hose and bowl to complete the set! We highly recommend this hookah bong for those who need something portable and looking towards getting a Khalil Mamoon hookah for performance. Enjoy those big thick clouds of shisha smoke from a small package. 

KM Kamanja Mini From Egypt

Hand made and assembled in the heart of Cairo, Egypt these are the most well known for smoking quality world-wide. KM stems are also identified for their amazing and beautiful design. These hookahs  are sure to last you forever based on their build and material. Each hookah is made uniquely with its own design. 

Small Kamanja Specifications

Height 18 Inches Tall
Colour Golden Finish
Materials Brass & Stainless Steel
Manufacturing Process Hand Crafted

Complete Hookah Set

With each authentic Mamoon hookah comes its necessary accessories to function properly. Below is a list of accessories included with your brand new genuine shisha.

  • Hookah Stem
  • Tray
  • Genuine Glass Vase
  • Hose
  • Tongs
  • Bowl 

Additional Information About This Package

The hookah designed by this manufacturer are hand made in Egypt. Being a popular hookah brand and known for quality craftsmanship, KM stems are identified for their amazing designs. These artistic hookah are sure to last till the end of time with proper care based on their quality build and material. 

Each KM is handmade & unique. Weldings, base & hose on each KM may vary in design.

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