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    Hoob Atom C Hookah - Complete Set

    Introducing the original portable hookah pipe that started it all! The Hoob Atom C is a new simplistic and futuristic designed hookah. Need a hookah for your travels? No problem, the Hoob Atom fits in a a standard carry on bag if your looking to travel abroad. Not only does the Hoob Atom C work great for traveling but it also makes an excellent tabletop pipe! Looking to set the mood? The Hoob Atom C comes with LED lights with all the colours of the rainbow to choose from. The Hoob Atom is also designed to be compact with its acrylic base and its high quality corrosion resistant aluminum. Included with the Hoob atom is a silicone hose and an aluminum handle for high performance.


     In The Box

    • Hoob Atom
    • Space Grey Silicone hose
    • Aluminum Hose handle
    • Submersible LED-Lights & Remote Control


    Hoob Atom C Specifications

    The Hoob Atom includes an anodized aluminum hookah stem and stainless steel downstem pipe with an acrylic water tank.

    • Hoob Magnetic Lock® Connection (Aluminum Cover Magnetically Locks To Acrylic Base)
    • Shockproof Acrylic Base
    • Miniature Charcoal Tray
    • Height: Stands at 21cm
    • Down-Stem Diameter: Ø13mm
    • 2 Hose Connectors: Ø10мм
    • Double Purge Valve System
    • Hoob Plug Original Hose Port Connectors
    • Up to 2 Hoses Connected
    • Built in Stem Diffusor
    • Built in Acrylic Handle 

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